Thursday, December 18, 2008


Women are so funny. Men are too but I wasn't talking to a man. I was talking to another woman, whose name I don't even know, and this is roughly how it shook out:

her: what are you knitting?
me: a little dolly scarf. I'm really behind. There's no way I'll have this done by Christmas (notice the self deprecation, the subtle put down of myself, doubtless based on my own insecurity and anxiety that CHRISTMAS IS COMING)
her: Oh, I'm totally on top of things. I do everything way in advance. I mailed everything out last Tuesday and my cards out today and I'm baking 10 dozen cookies tomorrow out of this book (shows me the book).
me: Oh, that's very nice. I'd love to be on top of things but it just didn't happen for me this year.
her: Well, I'm a very organized person.

At which point I began to knit furiously and try to examine what about Her would make her feel so insecure a to want to put me down. I so enjoy these little moments of self awareness.


At A Hen's Pace said...

That is so strange. Most women I know who are really on top of things still swear they are not. And you tell them they ARE, if they only came to YOUR house they'd SEE, and they say oh you don't KNOW, etc.

I once knew a woman like yours, though, and I think her whole identity was wrapped up in being organized. It was who she was, and she would say that. I don't think she ever realized how it put others down!

Adelaide said...

Wow, and here I am impressed that you're knitting something for someone for Christmas! And with 4 kids. And homeschooling. And working so much at the church. And cooking things. I had these grand plans to make a stocking for Addy, but it seems like the stocking will have to wait until after Christmas, because I didn't get it together early enough.

Merry Christmas! We miss you and I've been thinking and praying for you and the church.

summer said...

I watched my children do laps around the gym last night after their preschool Christmas show and the ensuing chaos reminded me of how my house feels, my lack of scheduling organization, and my mind after slipping down the icy steps last night 12 weeks pregnant.

I understand. Some days there is margin and a certain amount of organization...and some days there just aren't. Ahhh, for a little more margin in my life.

I think you are doing great and thank you for being human!

Geri said...

Women like that make me crazy. Oh to be perfect! I am not mailing cards this year (haven't for several years). The Christmas tree is still in its box in the garage. And I refuse to make cookies and candy. I have to lose 50 more pounds so I cannot have that stuff in the house. I am not a grinch---just a weak-willed grandmother.
I am finishing a sweater for my DIL (knitted tunic with shawl collar) today. Have to make the cowl for a sweater for my daughter still. Of course both sweaters have to be assembled. Also still have to make some doll clothes. But, hey, it is only the 19th. Somehow I will get it all done. I always manage to.
We are so behind on the tree and decorations because of my husband's health. We had to wait for my number one son to return from a business trip to get up in the attic. He is coming over Saturday to set up the tree (a 12 footer). All the kids and grands are coming to spend the day Sunday to trim the tree, make candy, and decorate the inside of the house.
There, now. Don't you feel better? I think there are a lot more normal women than perfectionists.

Ralinda said...

You should have smiled sweetly, told her you are organized too, and then mentioned you're knitting for next Christmas! LOL.

I'm just happy we got presents in the mail already and don't have to pay for 2nd day air shipping. That's the extent of my organization!

Anonymous said...

God has a sense of humor for "organized" people. I thought I was on top of everything - mostly done with shopping (love the internet) got th tree up.. Then I sprained my ankle. Ever try to move boxes of hidden presents down a flight of stairs with crutches? I cannot imagine trying to be "organized" with a parish to help run, four kids, homeschooling and a lawsuit. Christmas will happen with or without dozens of cookies ! Merry Christmas !

R said...


I very nearly started a Christmas Card Catastrophe, I'll have to tell you about that.