Monday, December 08, 2008

Smatterings of Explanation

I have intimated, once or twice (I think, not wanting this moment to bother to look back) that blogging has lately been difficult due mainly to busyness. But it hasn't really been busyness. I've been too raw, spiritually and emotionally, to write about anything-the mundane details of life which are the bedrock of this blog, food, announcements about the new communion, the funny and ridiculously difficult trip home from Chicago involving a snow storm and three flu ridden and vomiting children-anything. Its a bit like living in the end times, I would say, these dreadful days of Advent. The day of the Lord, that is, our day in court, is fast approaching and we're trying to Get Ready mostly by praying a great deal, lingering over the Bible in the morning, trying to enjoy every second we have in this house and in the church and mentally packing up the house and working out virtual school plans that include packing in short amounts of time verses long amounts of time.

As I implore your prayers for the remainder of this week, but also for the days after while we wait for the judge to make up his mind (I believe he has 90 days) I offer you the following links and hope that you will check them out.

Matt has written here about our long walk towards the court house and our communications with the diocese.

At a Hen's Pace has written beautifully here about the service beginning the New Anglican Church in America.

Ten O'Clock Scholar has hosted (many days ago, SORRY!!!) a second annual Advent Carnival which is well worth the time.

I'm really grieved to find it so difficult to write. I hope, soon, that the flood gates will opened and I will be back daily writing and wasting all of your valuable time.


Kerry said...

Anne - if you are apologizing to me, please don't! I don't know exactly where you are, emotionally...but I have a good idea.

It has been a year since we were effectively "run out" of our parish (we left - 250 of us, but felt like we were definitely being "shown the door"). I still smart from it. My husband was on the vestry at the time and I was on the relocation, many ugly, ugly comments were directed at one or both of us. We saw our pastor (who led the departure and leads us still in our new, successful, church - Filmore Strunk, if you've met him) was just dragged through the mud.

I understand the rawness...although I know you feel it much more keenly than we did as mere parishioners.

Your situation is in my prayers as are you as priest, wife, mom, and teacher.

Jessica said...

God bless you in the middle of all of that. Wow.

I don't have much to say (I'm finding more and more that what we were going through this time last year is robbing me of words during this time this year), but my heart goes out to you, as do my prayers. God be with you as you walk this road.

Anonymous said...

I was praying for y'all on the way to work this morning. Thanks for posting whatever you can.

Miss Sippi

Malcolm+ said...

Anne, we are on opposite "sides" of these issues, you and I.

It is useful to be reminded that the people on the "other side," by and large, are simply other Christians struggling to be faithful. And that's true regardless of the "side."

While there are those on either "side" who are . . . otherwise motivated . . . the vast majority are simply trying to get on with being faithful. The conflicts are inevitably damaging to individuals, to relationships and, most importantly, to mission.

A quick review of blogs of both sides is proof enough thatit is easy for all of us to forget that - which does none of us proud.

Zana said...

May the Lord's peace and blessings cover you, and may God hold you gently in the palm of His hand during this exhausting and stressful time. You, Matt, the kids, and all the folks at Good Shepherd are in our prayers.

Joyce Carlson said...

I'm praying for you and Good Shepherd, and all the kiddos, all the way through today and down the road to Farakala tomorrow. I wish you were coming with me.

Anonymous said...

Keeping you all in my prayers.


Bob Maxwell+ said...

Kerry, get the rest of our All Saint's family informed and join with Bev & me in a day of prayer [wherever we are] and fasting for Good Shepherd!


AmmaKate said...

Hi Ann+,
Will be keeping you all in prayer. This has to have been so very trying to go through with young children. Ours are all your age.
But what a blessing for them to have both parents so great as role models!!

At A Hen's Pace said...


I am glad that you were able even to write this post. Thank you for sharing your heart so that others may pray.

It was so great to meet you in Wheaton--I do wish we had had longer! And I am so sorry to hear about your flu-ridden return trip. Yech! :)

You all remain in our prayers--keep us posted as you are able, and conserve your energy for what is most needful right now.