Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Where We Are

So we're all here with Matt, in St. Charles, just outside of Chicago. Well, when I say 'with Matt' I really mean 'in the general vicinity of Matt doing completely different things'. He has been working very hard doing something or other, and the children and I have been living in the lap of luxury. Well, when I say 'lap of luxury' I really mean 'creating mayhem and chaos everywhere we go'. I exaggerate. Its probably somewhere between the two. This morning we found a Denny's, that bastion of fine dining and elegance, and ate enough eggs and pancakes to feed a small hungry town somewhere in the world. And then we went to the teeny tiny St. Charles History Museum to look at all the stuff. And then to a grocery store for milk because to buy milk in this hotel practically means selling away our souls.

We're so lucky, I mean blessed, to be able to come. Tomorrow is the launch of the new province and then Thursday we drive home, hopefully in one straight shot.


Jill C. said...

Wow! You guys stay together, be safe, keep warm and dry, and enjoy your visit to Chicagoland. :)

Geri said...

Enjoy the "lap of luxury" while you can. Soon you will be back home wifing, mothering, teaching, and preaching. I will be watching the livestream from Anglican TV. Here's hoping that all goes well.

At A Hen's Pace said...

If you find yourself with time to kill, you might enjoy Cosley Zoo in Wheaton. It's small, free and quite fun for kids to visit!

Looking forward to meeting you, I hope!


Joyce Carlson said...

p.s. your dad flying Nairobi to Bamako on Sunday morning early. Me going NBO to BKO Monday morning. Hope you're praying for our journeying mercies while I'm praying for yours. Must get out of this office and go to some kind of Korean lunch at the neighbors.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your blog for several months now. Really admire your courage to homeschool, something I never could have done.

You must be staying about 2 miles from me. I'm planning to get to Wheaton tonight, provided weather doesn't make it impossible.

Hope to meet you.
Marla Taylor

Anne Kennedy said...

Marla, if you email me (the address is on the front page), I'll send you my phone number to make it easier to meet up :)

Anonymous said...

I would love your take on how it is for the women priests there. Kevin had to shut down the commnets on the Anglican TV side because how they got so demeaning.

Wish I had been there.

Bless you and all of the called women to the priesthood! Including my own priest.

Catechist Christie

Bob Maxwell+ said...

Matt, Ann et al., sorry I missed you. I had a book for your stack. [BG]

40 yrs ago, already a postulant, I sang in Chicago with the UTS Men's Choir as the EUB's voted to be swallowed by the MC whale.

The cancer of revisionism swallowed the PECUSA where I made my vows to God in the Dio. of Chicago in '69.

Last night in Chicagoland, by the grace of God, great medical care and better living through chemistry, I sang every song to His glory and with tears in my eyes signed the Jerusalem Statement along with hundreds of brothers and sisters in Christ. We are the ACNA.

Thank you Lord Jesus for this new start to your old call. Use me wherever, whenever and however you will. Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Heal our Bp. Bill, please, Lord Jesus.

Your servant, Bob +

. . . still ridin' for the brand, but no longer on a dead horse!

Ralinda said...

I hope your children were able to stay awake and you were able to stay for the whole service last night! It was a joy for me to watch on Anglican TV.

Polly said...

Chicago! The windy city! Bundle up. Or better yet, stay inside. Wait, your kids might drive you insane if you do that...better to brave the cold. :)