Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thank You! and a Contest

It appears, having bothered to click on my site meter report today for the first time in weeks, that I have passed the 100,000 hits milestone by several hundred hits. THANK YOU to all you fabulous readers who stop by and read, perhaps even on days I was too lazy to post.

I'm not going to do a site redesign, as I did at 50, mostly because I still like the way this looks. And I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention and offer up a present to the person who hit that 100,000 mark. I will, however, because I have So Much Free Time, offer up a little contest.

Here's What to Do

Post a Comment here telling me 1. Who you are, 2. What your Three Favorite Blogs are (this one doesn't have to be on your list, heh), and 3. how you came to read this blog.

I'll let comments continue on for 24 Hours. Let me see, that means until, let's say, Friday morning. At which time I will print all the comments, put them in a hat, pick one out, and that will be the winner. To the winner I will mail 2 loaves of fancy bread.


Geri said...

I have got to try for two loaves of fancy bread. I love good bread!

My name is Geri Franklin. I am fortunate enough to be in +Iker's diocese so you know I am very Anglo-Catholic. My three favorite blogs are SFIF, VOL, and yours. (No kidding----I am not sucking up).

I must have found you from something you or your husband said on SF. I really don't remember. I know it was before the EK fiasco because I wanted to go NJ and rip her eyes out for the way she dogged you. I know that is not a very Christian reaction, but that is how I felt.

I wish that the internet and a blog like yours had been around when I was rearing my kids (my "baby" will be 42 in Nov.). It sure would have made me feel better to know that it was normal to feel overwhelmed, or lazy, or not very maternal sometimes. My gosh, if a priest can feel out of sorts sometimes, then I might be okay. I am surmising what I would have thought and I am sure that it would have helped with the guilt I felt when I messed up.

I am sure that your blog helps an awful lot of women. Besides, it is fun to read and you tell your recipe secrets.

When are you going to do your essay on women's ordination?

Kerry said...

Hi, Anne! Wow - 100,000, that's amazing!

I'm Kerry - the blogger behind A Ten O'Clock Scholar in your sidebar (as well as two other blogs). Mom to three and one TBA (by adoption). Fellow homeschooler and fellow CC'er.

My three favorite blogs- these change frequently depending on what is striking my fancy, but this week: Two Square Meals (a fellow anglican blogger), the evangelical outpost (esp. his Thirty-Three Things), and One Child Policy Homeschool (she's homeschooling in China, but not chinese). I'm not listing yours because I want to encourage people to go visit OTHER bloggers, too!

No idea how I came across your blog - it's been over a year, I think. Probably via SF...maybe it was the EK thing. (Oh, I'd hate if that is how I found you, but I think it is. Although, perhaps that is evidence of God using even the bad stuff, right?) However I got here, I stuck around because of your honesty in sharing struggles and success with motherhood and priesthood.

Jill C. said...

Neat idea, Anne! :)

I'm Jill Clark -- a Michigander transplanted to Texas when hubby and I just had a two-year old. Now that 2-year old is 30 and his little brother is 26! (30-yr. old has a godly wife and a two-yr. old of their own.) We homeschooled from 1984 - 2000.

I'm pretty sure it was through StandFirm that I found your blog. And SF, T19, and hmm . . . either BabyBlue, Get Religion, or AnglicanTV would be #3. (Depends on what's going on in the world.)

Perpetua said...

Hi Anne,

1) I'm a mother. I am in a famously progressive part of the San Francisco Bay Area, so I find your take on the world very interesting.

2) My favorite blogs are Get Religion, Stand Firm and my own, Perpetua of Carthage, which I started after having my commenting privileges suspended at Stand Firm.

3) I. too, found you from the posts by Greg Griffith on Stand Firm about what Elizabeth Kaeton had written about you.

So I agree with kerry that God uses even the bad stuff. I wouldn't have found your blog if Elizabeth Kaeton hadn't had that narcissistic rage about you. And I wouldn't have started my own blog if I hadn't lost my commenting privileges at Stand Firm.

Anonymous said...

My name is Donna Forester. I am a member of The Falls Church--we never met while Matt was here; it is a big church...
My favorite Anglican blogs (besides yours) are Stand Firm, Baby Blue and Kendall Harmon's. But I am finally finding some school librarian (my career) blogs like TheNeverEndingSearch that I enjoy as well.
I think it was from reading Stand Firm--I saw you respond sometimes using his name and confusing people :-) Would he have mentioned at some point that you had a blog, too?

Anonymous said...

My name is Charlotte Acquaviva. I live in Mystic CT and belong to Bp Seabury Church in Groton (Affiliated with Cana. Our rector was one of the "CT 6". Now in line to be deposed from TEC on 11/2.)
My favorite blogs - yours really is one. Also InstaPundit and Baby Blue. I check lots of sites every day - Stand Firm certainly. Also, although not a blog, I never miss Cat of the Day. Your kiddos might like that - there's also a pet of the day and a dog of the day.
I found you through Stand Firm during the EK mess.
I am something of a bread head - love to bake it, love to read about baking it - and love to eat it. Hope I win!

Shawn said...

Hi, I'm probably not eligible, being a "member of the family", but just wanted the contestants to know it is well worth it it to try for Anne's bread. she kindly sends her in'laws a loaf or two as often as she can, and do we ever love it!

mcyoder said...

My name is Martha Yoder. I am a mom to one son who is nine and a fellow classical homeschooler as well as the owner of a social service agency that provides servics to people with developmental disabilities. I found your blog through Stand Firm. My favorite blogs not including yours are Vere Loqui, The Constructive Curmudgeon and Stand Firm. I am not Anglican; but I am a Christian, and keep those of you who are standing up for the gospel in my prayers. I enjoy your blog and understand when you don't have time to post. (My last post on my blog was in August sometime.)

Miss Sippi said...

Hi, my name is Linda, and I live in south Mississippi. I'm no longer a member of the Episcopal Church but am not yet a member anywhere else. I found your blog through StandFirm, and I love it because of the warm, real family life and because E. reminds me so much of my granddaughter who is the same age. It's hard to name just three favorite blogs, but this one, Kraalspace, MCJ and BabyBlue (oops, that's four) are high on the list.
Also, I have met Greg and Sarah in person!!
Miss Sippi

Anonymous said...

I'm Janet and I was on the search committee with Matt. I think that's how I came to your blog.

I love Holy Experience, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman (to include her cooking section), and David Crowder's xanga34 blog (to which he does not post nearly enough! You do much better than he, and he doesn't even have any children!).

I like reading about your family and faith and appreciate the way you talk about raising your children. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, Congrats on hitting the 100,000 mark!
I'm Louise Moody from Kansas City, still in the episcopal church for now and I love reading your sermons when you post them. I greatly admire your willingness to take on home schooling, I would not have been that brave with three sons. My favorite blogs are SFIF, my God daughters blog - A mom and her camera, T-19 and yours of course. I am sure that I came to your blog through SFIF. When you have a chance you might want to check out A mom and her camera - like you she is a young mom juggling mulitiple responsibilities.
Thanks for sharing your faith and family with us.

Trina said...

Dearest Anne,

I’ve been meaning to email you since the beginning of the month, after I spent nearly two days reading your blog while sitting in my recliner sick for a week. Having nearly no knowledge of the Anglican world and having digested much of it in a short amount of time, the one word that I’ve repeatedly used to describe your blog to others, especially in recent conversations with Chris C. and Sarah V., is “riveting.” There is much more mentally written for an email, but your latest post is prompting me to at least let you know, sooner than later, that I’m faithfully reading your blog.

1) I am Trina, a fellow Cornell Oregonian, who was blessed by our talks while walking across the Arts Quad and being in witness of your beautiful wedding.

2) Great question. My friends make fun of me for the number of blogs that I read, but I’ve never thought about them in terms of favorites. Google Reader definitely makes the habit more manageable.

I have recently been challenged by reading Mustard Seed Ministries, along with Downward Spiral, which chronicles the journey of two families who desire to love the poor and marginalized within our borders.

While I was sick and getting caught up on your life through your blog, I also discovered Nie Nie Dialogues and read huge chucks of her achieved posts in between. That blog has recently gotten a lot of national press due to Stephanie Nielson’s tragic accident and the blog community’s response (see also Nie Recovery and C Jane Run). I’m not sure if the LDS community is familiar with Richard Foster’s writings on spiritual disciplines (I do know that they are readers of C. S. Lewis), but I’ve been greatly inspired by how Stephanie and her family practice the discipline of celebration.

This summer I also loved reading Donald Miller’s ride blog(, as he biked across the country to raise money and awareness for Blood:Water Mission. It was an inspiring and vicarious experience to read along.

My friend Allison writes a blog that I love reading and I only wish that her life permitted her to write more often. You two should meet, at least electronically, so I’ll send you an email introduction here soon.

3) I saw that you had a blog via your Facebook profile.

I wish that those who don’t know you, who hold different convictions than you, could have the chance to share a cup of tea with you. The next time I’m out to visit Sarah, I’m going to insist we come to see you to do just that.

Sarah Patterson said...

1. I'm Sarah, newly married, recently graduated with my M.Div. and living in the SF Bay Area.

2. Favorite blogs: a hard question, but probably GetReligion, First Things blog, and Scriptorium Daily (affiliated with my husband's alma mater, Biola University)

3. I don't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure I found my way to your blog via Stand Firm almost a year ago, maybe around the time your youngest was born?

I really appreciate your writing, Anne, and your blog is a big encouragement to me because I hope to someday glorify God in raising a family while serving the Church (in my case, as a theological educator rather than in an ordained capacity).

Kevin Seaver said...

Hi Anne,

I've sent Matt a couple of emails but he dissed me. I aspired to be one of the "good guys" at VTS, but perhaps am tarred with that brush forever--anyway, I enjoy your blog from Tokyo and even if I win the bread, please draw again b/c, you know, int'l shipping and all.

1. Who I am: Kevin Seaver, former fellow seminarian and now Anglican priest in Tokyo.
2. Three fave blogs:
1) T19,
2) StandFirm and
3) Charlotte Was Both
(I like yours, too, just don't come here as often.)

3. I got here from StandFirm, via one of Matt's postings I believe.

Say Hi to Matt for me. I enjoyed coffee with him at A Place to Stand in Dallas, all those years ago. I am still challenged, delighted, built-up by your and his witness to the FOD.

In Christ,
Kevin Seaver

Joyce Carlson said...

This is ME, Anne's mom, and since I'm in Kenya I'm not in line for bread, even if I naturally enough OUGHT to win out of nepotism (-:. My favorite blogs: well I have to say that in addition to Undercurrent, for logic and clever wit I really like the Anglican Curmudgeon, and for pure hilarity, Ask Sister Mary Martha. And of course Standfirm and T19 which makes more than three. I really like the blog-feed at Standfirm. So handy. But now I'm outta here and off home beyond wireless range to make a lemon meringue pie for company. And Anne, by the way, I've succeeded brilliantly at dumplings and you should remind me to tell you about them later.

At A Hen's Pace said...

What a great idea for a big milestone--Congratulations!!

I am Jeanne from Light of Christ Anglican Fellowship of Kenosha, an AMIA church plant where my husband is the priest. I have six kids, teens down to preschoolers, and I homeschool the younger ones, so it's been fun to hear about your journey into homeschooling!

My three favorites are hard to narrow down! Depends so much on my mood. So three wildly different choices (besides here, of course) are...Holy Experience, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and One Thing.

And I came to read this blog because YOU were reading mine and left me kind comments occasionally, even though I had no idea who in the Anglican world you were. ;)

I really appreciate your honesty about balancing family and church life and all the attendant issues, and your "hostile" sense of humor is hilarious!

Polly said...

I am Polly, your friend from the school that must not be named. :) My three favorite blogs (other than this one) are:
1. (photo blog)
3. my sister's blog (because it has cute pictures of my niece)
I think Cristan is the one who told me about your blog. Good job on the 100,000 mark. I'm at 1,040 on mine...I suppose it would help if I wrote on it more than once a year.

Geri said...

Thank you for exposing us to so many different blogs. I have checked out several already and they are great. You may have to add some more links to your blog. I certainly don't need more blogs to read; SFIF already takes up too much of my time. It is fun though checking out the experiences and thoughts of real women.

Zana said...

1) I'm Susanna, and I live in northeast Alabama (but no, I do not play the banjo).

2) Favorite blogs: Stand Firm. ACRLog - the blog of the Assoc of College and Research Libraries (yes, I'm an academic librarian!). And it's a toss-up on the last one... either Anglican Curmudgeon for his insightful analysis, or Midwest Conservative Journal for his scathing humor. (It depends on my mood!)

3) I also found you during the "Keaton scandal". And your youth minister, Micah, was a student of my hubby's at PHC. It is definitely a small world! Also, if your peanut sauce recipe is any indication, I'm desperately hoping I win a drawing for the first time in my life! ::grin::

Anonymous said...

1. Connie Sandlin, St. Francis, Dallas (Diocese of Fort Worth)
2. Three favorite blogs are Stand Firm, MCJ, and Baby Blue (and also Anglican Curmudgeon).
3. I visit your blog by accessing the "Blogs" or "Around the Web" button from StandFirm.

Best wishes,

Rev Dr Mom said...

I'm a priest, former college professor, mother of four and grandmother of one. I live in the northeast. We probably wouldn't agree about much politically--secular or church-- but I enjoy reading your blog. Why? Well, we're both priests and we're both mothers. I think it is important to try to understand the perspective of those with whom you disagree. I admire your faith, even as I proclaim mine to those who say I've abandoned it because of my position on issues of sexuality. And I think you have great kids.

I read LOTS of blogs, too many to pick just three but I invite you to check out the Rev Gal Blog Pals where many women clergy have blogs linked.

Rev Dr Mom said...

And I probably found your blog from a link on T19 (which I read for similar reasons, only no cute kids :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in.
Name: Jackie Bruchi
Favorite Blogs - 3 - I have to limit it to three? SF has to be first :), and every blog on the Sf blogroll!
I found your blog through Matt and I must admit I love reading your musings.

Anonymous said...

Ralinda Gregor from Louisville KY. I read Stand Firm and T19. I met Matt at GC06 and finally got to meet you at GAFCON. Our associate priest, Debbie A. knows both of you from seminary and thinks highly of you. So I've been reading your blog off and on for quite a while. Your kids are better behaved than mine. I'm hoping it's because I have a teenage daughter and a very active 8 yr. old son which is a recipe for wild times!
P.S. We're on our 5th day of no electicity after Ike blew through here and although I got a generator yesterday, I can't power the oven and would love some tasty bread. And I would share it with the neighbors!

Marisa said...

My name is Marisa Ross, but you remember me better as Misty Boese from waaaaaaaaaay back in the day--not sure I remember a time when I didn't know you and your parents! You may not have even known I read your blog regularly, because I've been a silent lurker (until now), but it's even bookmarked, both at work and home...

I am also a wife and mother of two boys, a full-time high school English teacher, department chair, and generally Busy Person.

I believe I found your blog via a link sent by your delightful mother in an email, but it's been long enough that I no longer recall precisely.

I am not much of a blogger or blog-reader, but I regularly read yours and Lauren (Bissett) Fisher's. I visit other blogs sporadically but can't really list any more. I've been told repeatedly, especially by Katrina (Eadelman) Warnemuende, that I need to get on Facebook, so maybe I'll find more there. (Did you know she just had her second son, by the way? On 9/17...he waited just long enough to be born on my husband's birthday! Our best friends also had a baby on his birthday, two years ago, so it's becoming a tradition. At this point I almost expect others to target that date as well, so you and Lauren should keep that in mind...:P)

So Hello, at long last!

the snarkster said...

Hi, I'm Michael Ware of Meridian, MS aka the snarkster™. I found your blog as a result of the recent unpleasantness with She who must not be named.

My faves are everything on The StandFirm Around the Web section plus

I love keeping up with you and your lovely family (not that Matt+ is in any way lovely).

I guess I am kinda-sorta in between churches right now so I enjoy reading about yours. And I just looovve bread.

the snarkster™

Dr. Alice said...

Hi Anne,

I know I'm late but wanted to say hi anyway. I'm Alice, a doctor in Los Angeles, formerly Episcopalian and currently not much of anything (I have been very remiss in hunting for a new church home). I came to read you at the time of the EK debacle, liked what I read and have come back ever since.

My three favorite blogs are Tim Blair's, Lileks' Bleat, and What I Cooked Last Night (hmmm, two of those three are Australian.)

Paula said...

Hi. I don't usually comment, but since you asked I thought I'd let you know I started reading your blog because of GAFCON. My name is Paula Velez and I'm an evangelical Anglican living in Diocese of San Joaquin. First, I loved reading the perspective of a mother as I was trying to follow the events of GAFCON. Then I noticed that we have some mutual connections (At A Hen's Pace, Fruitful Vine) since I'm a former Rez attender. What a small world it is. Lately, my favorite blogs (besides those of friends) are other thinking, Anglican moms because I realize that I'm not the only one, but you already know about them (At a Hen's Pace, Ten O'Clock Scholar, etc).

Carrie said...

I know I missed the contest, so I'll just drop by for some bread this week. :) I also had to laugh -- your readers are largely listing the blogs of thinking people, and I like to think of myself that way, but the real truth is that I love the blog Apartment Therapy.