Wednesday, September 10, 2008

At the Closing of the Day

I've essentially lost my voice.
After shouting 'Creation, Fall in the Garden, Cain and Able, The Flood...the Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by Pharaoh Menes...Hagar and Ishmael...What are the Four Types of Connective Tissue...Please Sit Down' well, I didn't shout Please Sit Down. But it was a herculean effort to wake the little guys up.

And then going to choir and singing very high and very low...
I've essentially lost my voice. So Wednesdays are going to be a serious marathon-CC in the morning, Choir in the evening, pretending in between.

E: 'Mommy, pretend you don't know me. Pretend we're just children on vacation and we're looking for a family. You can call me E'.
Me: 'Ok, that sounds fun. I'll be Dehlia.'
E: 'Why? Why don't you want to be called Anne?'
Me: 'Because really, I prefer Dehlia.'
R: 'Pimpess!!!!!' (He's holding up a small plastic Disney Princess) 'Pimpess!!'
E: 'We live behind the couch, but we'll come out for meals, for school, to do our chores, and to play.'
Me: 'That's very helpful.'
E: 'We're going to be very polite strange children, but I don't think my bed is very comfortable, I only have a box and a small blanket.'
Matt: 'Well, it just so happens that we very recently lost our two children. You may have their beds if you like.'
E: 'I like to wear fancy dresses. Did your daughter like fancy dresses?'
Matt: 'Indeed she did.'
E: 'Well, that will be nice. But later I'll just be your child again.'
Me: 'Ok.'

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