Thursday, September 04, 2008

Now in the Fading Light of Day

Remarkably, the kids are quiet in bed, the house is clean, the cats were miraculously corralled inside. We Managed to do school for a Whole Day, and it went fine. The little kiddos were interested, attentive, obedient, funny, intelligent. We did everything on my list. I'm totally surprised. It helped that R went away for the whole day for quality play time with his favorite person. But actually, even if he had been here, I think it would have been fine.

I was about to say that 'I don't know what I was so afraid of' but that's not true. I have plenty to be afraid of-failure, disobedience, interruptions, not Getting it Done...
But perfect love casts out fear. So, having put aside the fear and done it, there was love instead, and grace, and a calm pleasant day. It helped, of course, that my expectations were unnecessarily low.

So there we are. We're a homeschooling family. And we go to church. And we embrace the culture of life over death. And every time McCain 'plays to his base' we are tickled pink. I'm going to gather up Calvin and Hobbes, my knitting, and go watch that speech in bed.

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At A Hen's Pace said...

Congrats on getting nearly through your first week! You're doing fine. Math-U-See is an excellent choice--wish I had stuck with it. We're backtracking now with Saxon.

I'm with you on Palin! What a smart, no-nonsense lady--and yes, so life-affirming in action as well as word. And though few of us would aspire to be the woman Who Can Do It All, she (and you!) make a great case for the "It Can Be Done" category.