Sunday, October 21, 2007

Press On

I'm surprised by the sheer number of children in motion in this house. I shouldn't be, I guess, I've acquired them over time. But I'm amazed at how many of them there are now, and that they all belong to me. Last night I made a line up of Sunday clothes, and it goes all across the spare room bed. I know 4 isn't that many, but still, I'm experiencing an element of surprise.

This morning we're going to gather ourselves together and go off for a full morning-8am (no music), 9:15 Education for Everyone, 10:30 (music). And then coffee hour full of lots of little pieces of paper for me from various parishioners reminding of things I've got to do, like order toner. And then we'll come home and collapse.

I think, for me, this morning will be like climbing a mountain, sore as I am. But, as with all the Sundays these last few months, I won't be climbing on my own.

His thoughts said, The coil of circumstances is beyond anything I ever experienced before.
His Father said, All this assemblage of complicated circumstances is the massif of the mountains thou must climb. There is a way among the boulders of the moraine, between the seracs of the glaciers, over the snow-bridges that cross the crevasses, round the overhanging snow-fields and up the precipices and long aretes. There is a way through the deep shadows that will seem to bar thy path at times. Press on, press on to the summit.

His thoughts said...His Father said...

Amy Carmichael


Rev Dr Mom said...

No maternity leave in sight?

Take care of have a great many demands placed on you.

Anonymous said...

Even the stingiest of corporations give maternity leave.

Surely, the Body of Christ could show some compassion. At the very least, some generoisty.

Don't put this on yourself. You are not in an election process for 'Hero'.

Or, "Super Mom".

Actually, there's no contest.

You've already won.

In my book and in the books of many others who know you and admire you, you are brave and smart and creative and the very model of strength and perserverence.

Take care of yourself. You have lots of very little people who need you. Let your husband be the pastor. You be the "mom."

It remains the most noble of vocations.

Mrs. Falstaff said...

The family dynamic changes with every child. I have four boys, and at times my home seems like a whirlwind.

Anonymous said...

There will be MANY times over the years that you will get no help OR sympathy when your house is a whilrwind...when the baby begins crawling and the toddler likes dropping things for her to find would be the first that comes to mind. Take advantage of the "newborn" and take it easy while people expect it. It is over too quickly anyway! THe "whirlwind" just becomes the "new normal" at least hasn't died down in our house yet-4 years after #4 came along. :o)

Blessings and rest on you and your sweet family.