Thursday, October 04, 2007

Good Sized Baby Daily Getting Larger

Baby flipped to head down, as ultrasound verified yesterday. Relieved and basically very uncomfortable. So, still waiting and the temperature has gone back up to 80, of all things. Really long to go into confinement. Think it would be better for everyone. Instead of have cleaned Matt's closet, made an apple spice cake, cauliflower soup and read some more of Uncle Fred in the Springtime (that was yesterday). Today I'm going to pay all my bills, make bread and reorganize my spice and baking situation. Basically too hot to think about anything else interesting. Have begun to worry that baby will have bright red hair.


Rev Dr Mom said...

My grandmother had red curly hair and I hoped one of my children would too, but none do.

Prayers for you and your babe as you await your delivery.

Anonymous said...

pleased to see you read Wodehouse - always good for what ails anyone - glad I found your blog - I really enjoy it. Best to you, the baby on the way and all the gang. - a Connecticut reader

Anonymous said...

Babe's (red haired) head is down and the pantry floor is, I assume, all scrubbed to a fairtheewell.

Bread is in the oven and the spice rack and baking closet is reorganized.

Sounds like proper "nesting" behavior to me.

Prayers ascend for the safe and healthy debut of this new little soul in +/- 10 days.