Saturday, October 06, 2007


Well, life continues a hodge podge. I've read through most of 1 Chronicles in an effort to go into labor, wading laboriously through the names and trying not to skip any-surprisingly difficult to do in the middle of some heavy duty contractions.

And I've totally cleaned and reorganized my desk again.

And I've learned from A that babies are 'silly mooses'.
'Are what?'
'Silly mooses.'
'Are you a silly moose?'
'No! Baby is a silly moose.'

And I watched R, always the problem solver, stand at the top of the stairs and fling a large toy dump truck down, come down carefully after it, proceed to sit in it and try to ride it around the living room. Sensible child, not carrying it down and hurting himself.

Oh, and I've cut everyone's hair, except R. Matt and I are in a battle over the curls on the sides of his head. So far they remain intact, praise be.

OH, and tomorrow is Matt's Birthday. We're all so excited, except him. He has all kinds of gray on his head to show his age and wisdom. In celebration we will be indulging in Nigella's Chocolate Cloud Cake AND Nigella's Chocolate Pots.

Oh, and R has learned to say 'hi'. Its really his one word. If you were to come over, he would say it to you.


Other Grandma said...

Do I need to be in the car driving like crazy to be in time? It sounds very potential from down in Texas and I don't want to miss my mewest grandbaby's grand entrance into this world! Just give me the word and I'm out-o-here!

Anonymous said...

Nesting. It's an amazing phenomenon. So urgently predictable in its unpredictable beauty and splendor.


You want this baby to come?

Put down the book - yeah, verily, even the "good book" - and walk.

My grandmother the lay midwife (the one with 20 pregnancies and 22 children who said to scrub floors) always advised rubbing castor oil in liberal amounts on your abdomen the last two weeks of pregnancy.

If you are more than a three days late (her parameters, not mine), you should take no more than half an ounce of castor oil - straight (I know, ewwww, gross!! Holding your nose while you drink is helpful) followed immediately by a full glass (6 - 8 oz)of your favorite juice.

Cranberry is a natural diuretic, but apple is also good. Orange will do but any of it is better fresh with lots of pulp. If fruit gives you 'heartburn' try fresh carrot. If you aren't too grossed out by the thought of it, try mixing your favorite fruit juice with your favorite veggie juice - like, say, fresh apple juice and fresh carrot juice. It's the best following a half ounce of castor oil and really, really good for the baby.

Drink this and then walk. No, you wont' get the 'trots', but your stool may be soft, which is a good thing. This will cause the baby's head to drop even lower which may well induce labor.

You are getting very, very close to bringing this new soul in the world.

The cosmos is practically crackling with excitement. Bands and choirs of heavenly angels and archangels are warming up to sing their "Alleluia's".

Please know that you and your family and most especially this new little soul are held in deep prayer.

Carrie said...

I am a fan of the curls. Keep the Rowan curls!

C. Wingate said...

Just looked up the recipe for the Chocolate Cloud Cake. Man, I'm going to have to try that one. In fact, I'm going to have to try crossing it with my favorite hazelnut torte recipe.