Sunday, November 26, 2006

Let the whole earth praise the Lord

Excellent day at church.

Hoards of angels and baby sheep roved over the church circus like hysteria during pageant practice.

Matt preached his soul out.

Emma continued her four year old death obsessed prayer over from last week that the Good Shepherd wouldn't die and neither would the sheep.

Aedan sat through the whole 10:30 service in amazing quiet.

And baby, who is 4 months old today, was distractingly cute.

Unable to gather thought of any kind so here is another bit of Amy Carmichael. Was trying to explain this principle to someone at coffee hour but garbled it.

But the son still wondered what he should do if he did not hear a Voice directing him, till he came to understand that, as he waited, his Father would work and would so shape the events of common life that they would become indications of His will. He was shown also that they would be in accord with some word of Scripture which would be laid upon his heart. This Scripture in the light of these events, and these events in the light of that Scripture, would work together under the hand of his Father, and point in the same direction. And as he followed step by step the way would open before him. Only he was warned to be careful that his eye be single. He must be like David's soldiers, who were not of a double heart. -His thoughts said...The Father Said.


Micah said...

kitty pix, eh?

Anne Kennedy said...

oh, sorry sorry. here they come