Thursday, November 16, 2006

And the Waves Roll Out and the Waves Roll In and the Nodding Night Wind Blows

Meant to do a big long impressive post today but the flood waters are rising again. The church is filled up--metaphorically. I guess there are a couple of inches in the nursery, parish hall and kitchen. Had to cancel the Shepherd's Bowl because of the water. So, late as it is, I ask your prayers for Binghamton--those who have already lost so much in the last flood, and for safety tonight. Hopefully the rain will abate and we can dry out.


Albany Intercessor said...

Lord, give them grace in this adversity and help in their time of need. Torre

Anne Kennedy said...

Thank you for your prayers. We took up a collection tonight for aid in continual rebuilding. God is so gracious and good.