Friday, November 17, 2006

and the earth was covered

The water has subsided. Everyone is mopping up the mud this morning. I have had to take up the rug in my play room and everything off the floor in the basement. As usual, I'm wondering why on earth we all live here. Its a virtual flood plain, the economy is really not very good, and its gray and brown half the year (winter). However, I guess I can trust that God, in his good mercy, is trying to build character in us all.

This picture is not from last night--its from this summer in June. This is a shot just a few yards from the church, which, miraculously, stayed dry (this summer, not last night).

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Anonymous said...

We're here, 'cause we're supposed to be, apparently. Though I'm with you quite a bit of the time. I suppose quite a few people have wondered why they were where they were over the years.