Friday, February 14, 2014

happy valentine's day mummy (and everyone)

Another great celebration of a Christian Martyr turned into a secular moment to eat chocolate and spend money you don't have. And hold the one you love up to an impossible standard. Will he fulfill all my longings? Will he meet my expectations? Does he love me as much as I deserve to be loved? It is a perfect American Expression of the average dysfunctional, wrong headed, regular relationship that most everyone seems to be either in or looking for these days. Except me, of course. I love Matt with an agape, life giving, self sacrificial, Jesus like love. That's why I calmly and rationally told him that if he didn't take me out to dinner he would be miserable for at least three weeks. Twelve years ago I would have waited for him to figure it out. See? Just like Jesus.

Anyway, the great thing about Valentine's Day with children is that it's about having a party and going ice skating, which is what we're to do because we finished our third quarter yesterday. The list of things that we've finished for the year? History, Geography, Science. But not spelling and math and writing. I have a small glimmer of hope. And! Elphine has been sewing.
Here is the purse she made herself, completely unaided by me or anyone.
And a bible cover.
She wanted it to be red because I have so much red around. Now I have to glue the poor bible. It's so mushed and beat about.
Oh! And speaking of joy and wonder, Mom! Look what came back into my life!
It had been filled with hydrangeas and was being safely kept by a nice person who loves us both and who handed it back to me on Sunday. And! I didn't fall and break it as I was walking home in the snow. It's just as beautiful as ever.
So I'll be making a big gorgeous salad this weekend in honor of you whom I love. 
So many people to love, so little time. Six of them require breakfast and me not sitting here thoughtfully considering the nature of love. So, I'll leave you with a true expression of love, from the 
Holy Scriptures, a little verse from my readings this morning, "And the donkey said to Balaam, “Am I not your donkey, on which you have ridden all your life long to this day? Is it my habit to treat you this way?” And he said, “No.”
Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

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Joyce Carlson said...

Oh joy, oh rapture! The Hannibal, Missouri bowl has come back! May the salad be big and beautful. Me I' m having the most expensive Greek salad (for it's very small size) that you can imagine. A rip-off but your dad promises me a really nice dinner out this evening. Happy Valentine's Day to you too-and everyone. Missing you, ME