Thursday, October 17, 2013


Gladys drew this last night in abut a minute and a half. It's so unusual and interesting to me. The lips on these faces are always so wonderful, but it really like the hard edge in the eyes.

I rushed around on Tueaday and made little cucumber sandwiches, flat weird oatmeal 'scones', and cupcakes for Gladys' little birthday tea. 
Fatty Lumpkin came bellowing down in her regular way this morning and got in my bed. She always screams angrily 'I need pillow!' and 'I need blanket' but this morning she added 'Please pinch cheek!'
Really? I've never wanted anyone to do that to me, let alone my mother.
I faced down the Christmas Pageant yesterday and opened my folder, made some adjustments to the script, and worked out a Practice Shedule. I love the Christmas Pageant of course, but there is that great sorrow that once the Pageant gets into full swing, there isn't moment for a breath until after Easter. It's possible that I'm compressing time just a teensy bit...
No, I don't think so. I think it is usually that busy. And this year the Bishop is coming around about when I usually kick things off. And on that subject, what do you think we should feed the Bishop? Gosh, so much to think about and plan. I guess I'll leave that for now and go make the children learn some stuff. I can hear them shouting and arguing so it's possible I have over extended this blog moment.
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Jill said...

I think you should feed the bishop the same food you have pictured in this blog post. (Wonder if he takes one lump or two? ;)