Monday, October 28, 2013

a busy weekend

Loosing my voice and my mind. Have to go find ninja swords today. And do school. And run around after shepherds bowl. I know, whine whine whine. What a miserable existence I lead, what with this
{Lamb and pomegranate and mint}
And these babies
And the big stack of crepes
And the cream with rose water, quintreau and pistachio...obviously what the parents of every little girl turning four need
While she, the birthday girl, lathers herself with the wegmans ultimate chocolate cake
And basks in the glow of it finally finally being her 'Earthday'.
And everyone else gets almost sick from all the eating of fancy pancakes.
And the good time with the mother and the great aunt wandering around wegmans buying the ultimate chocolate cake and flowers and rose water, which, it may shock you, are not in my normal day to day grocery budget. 
As my dad kept saying, "we don't have any problems that couldn't be solved with money." 
{the pomegranates}
{the orchid, so beautiful, so in peril of death now that it lives with me}
Wondered all weekend, is that true? Am I so rich in my life, so untroubled in my family, so blessed spiritually, so ordered in all my day to day doings, that all my remaining problems could be solved with money? I think so. Not being the rich, whose problems are all beyond money, I don't have their vast troubles and anxieties. I just count my pennies out and keep my troubles small. 
I lay in bed yesterday and pleaded with my maker, because of not being able to breath super well, 'Oh, Jesus, I don't have enough energy today, I don't think I can do it all,' and then pushed play to listen to the bible and it just so happened (cough) that Elijah was fleeing to Zeraphath and there he met a woman who really just had problems that money could solve. But there was no money, there was only God and his prophet, which, in that case, were better. 
On that note, I will arise and do some things that need to be done.

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Sarah Holmberg said...

Love all the pictures--your children (and you) are so beautiful! Takes me back to the busy days when my children were small, although we only had four. I would love it if you would post your recipes for this wonderful meal--my sister raises lambs and occasionally gives me a few packages, but I don't know many ways to prepare it as we didn't grow up preparing/eating lamb.