Thursday, November 15, 2012


Part of the kitchen is clean. Isn't that a marvel.

Finally getting the rest of the apples cooked up into something. 
Who knows what. Apple butter? Apple Sauce? 
Not sure what this was about. 
I mean, I was there, I took the picture, but that's all I know. 
Don't blame me. 
And it looks as though I've finally killed off The True Vine. 
I'm praying for resurrection and life, but its looking pretty bad. Still, it lasted nearly five years. 
That's no small length of life for a plant in my neglectful care. 
Go check out Like Mother Like Daughter. I'm off to cook for Shepherd's Bowl. Cheerio.


Hand-Maid With Love said...

Do you have a favorite apple butter recipe that you use? I have never tried apple butter before...looks yummy! Great shot of your children...those pics are always the treasures.

Matushka Anna said...

Oh my. You kill plants like I do. I think my record is two years for an African Violet. In my house, if you don't cry you don't get fed and watered.