Sunday, November 04, 2012

indications the election season has gone on a touch too long

Matt: "Marigold's favorability rating with me is higher when she's sleeping than when she's awake."

Romulus whispering loudly in my ear while pointing to our dinner guest: "Who is he voting for?"
Me, whispering back: "I don't know but we're not going to ask."

Me to any child near me ever: "Shh, I'm just trying to read the internals of this poll. If  you're hungry, just go eat something."

Matt, tearing his gaze away from twitter when I try to say anything to him ever: "Hmmm?"

Elphine and Alouicious every day at some point during dinner: "Who's winning now?"
Me, hysterically: "Nobody's winning because none of us have actually voted yet. There's no winning till it actually starts."


Joe Kovac said...

Not true! Someone is winning because some states have early voting!

Kat said...

Yes- I agree with Joe. I sent in my ballot 2 weeks ago. We just don't know who is winning because no one is calculating the votes yet- or if they are, they aren't advertising it.