Monday, September 24, 2012

give me an award, i'm awesome

Having been foolish enough to watch the Emmys last night (because, you know, I thought, how can I just throw away a couple of hours, down into the pit of time that can never be gotten back, ever ever) I am rather struck by the contrast in the clear light of day between an exhausting evening of narcissistic self-adulation arrayed splendifoursly in a room of expensively dressed muddleheaded actors and actresses against the violent crowds of American hating rioters flung far and wide around the globe. The crowd's muddleheadedness is easy to see with all the screaming and blood and flag burning but at least it is turned out. (Boy they really hate America.) The insipidity of the Emmys, turned inward, (Boy, they really love themselves) is just exasperating. Over dressed Americans peacock and poise on a vast stage in hues of neon, chartreuse and ugly while tee-shirted and jean-ed young men wave their fists and die of smoke inhalation. And I, I watch it all, the preeminent fool, and go to bed with a profound headache and fits of anxiety about how idiotic it all is, on every side.

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Lois Smith said...

I have missed the words "Actress/es"...thank you Anne for using Actress...I am glad they have not been completely lost to our language!