Thursday, September 27, 2012

a novel idea i had that i thought i'd share

Every year, the instant I've clicked the last 'purchase' button or 'pay now' or whatever, and laboriously entered all my payment information into all the little lines, and double checked everything and basically and finally committed to all my curricuculum choices for the year
that very moment
without fail
it seems my inbox is suddenly flooded with new and amazing materials I'd never thought nor heard of before. And then morning by morning, week by week, I continue to get new curriculum updates, or happen to read of wonders on other people's blogs.

I mean, I thought I'd carefully researched and planned my year, down to each week's plan, and even (gasp) prayed a bit about what the Lord would have me do (I know, prayer, sometimes we get desperate enough for it), but then some helpful nut on email shows me, without a shadow of doubting or wondering, that I, I and I alone, made the wrong choice.

So then yesterday, when it seemed we'd finally fallen, after a mere six or eight weeks, into a reasonable groove and rhythm--as in, I finally got my technology to let us make use of the Latin I happened to have picked, and Elphine stopped speaking English during our twenty minutes of Mandarin, and Alouicious figured out that he had to open the book in order to do geography, and I switched a few things around so they would work a little better--it occurred to me that I might delete all those emails, without worrying about what wonders I would be missing. And that when I happen upon someone else's glorious review, I might just say to myself 'how nice for them' and then not send myself into a panic of indecision and woe about my stupidity of not having known about that material sooner nor having not had the wisdom to buy it.

Perhaps this might carry over to other realms of life. I can't imagine, just at the moment, how it could, but maybe all of you can.

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