Friday, June 22, 2012

quick birthday takes

If I was going to start a new blog (which I'm not going to do) I would call it My Obese Cat. But then I would have nothing to say because everything is contained in the title.
Today is my Mother's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Mother!

Earlier in the week she made a gorgeous dinner for us and my aunt and uncle from Norway.
 The salads were beautifully abundant enough to feed us for a whole week. 
But we ate them all and then ate Zanzibar Chicken (unphotographed) and finally chocolate pots.
 And Elphine made brownies AGAIN!
 The dogs lay about hoping for food to rain down, upon the place beneath.
And then, because... well....when Landers gather together inevitably the subject of my late grandmother's unfortunate habit of crochet rears its startling head, my mother put on the famous purple teacozy? or is it a hat? And she and my aunt talked Lander Legs, Lander Arms and Lander Hearts.
Anyway, today, in furtherance of the festal birthday, we're going to go to a local park with a lake to pray against the scattered thunder showers. Elphine made brownies YET AGAIN for our lunch and we'll probably have some other nice things. And while we do that
the fence will be going in!
The wood is here, the cement mixer is here, the massive post hole digger is here. And we will be here except for when we're picnicking. SO Exciting!
Also very exciting and wonerful, albiet boring to all those whom I love, is that I got my quarterly and end of the year home school reports in on time. Not only so, but I've put serious time and energy into next year's plan, both calendar and curriculum. The glow of well being and accomplishment is only slightly softened by the large pile of other work sitting on my desk and in my heart--like going over our Sunday School program with a fine tooth pen.
Also, I need to wrest out of the grubby grasp of the baby some horrible birthday card that, when you open it, sings 'Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, tubby ol something something'. She was rewarded in her twice daily dig through the waste paper basket ("STOP THAT BABY" the whole world yells as she hones in like a remotely controlled Obama drone) by finding this card which sets us back days and days in the breaking of this vile habit.
And that, dear friends, is the substance of my life. If I don't get up and start finding sunscreen, hats, umbrellas and food, these children will rise up as one and fling me into the Susquehanna.

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Anonymous said...

Anne -

I always get a kick out of your writing. Keep posting! Hardly a week or two goes by that Kristin and I don't find ourselves mentioning you or Matt by name (in a good way of course!).

Grace to you and yours!


Anonymous said...

I haven't read the word furtherance in anything I can remember. That's it. That's my comment. A plus to you for originality.

Oh and you should post more. ;)

Jill said...

And so is your daughter getting better at baking brownies? Are they turning out pretty yummy and is the kitchen (and the child) not as messy as the first time?

Happy belated birthday to your mother. :)