Saturday, June 16, 2012

a little gardening

Last Monday we forced the children to help in the community garden. They worked hard for five minutes and then the boys started whining. "Its too hot. I'm too tired." Told them to "man up" or they would be in for a "world of hurt". There's nothing like a cliche here and there to carry forward a morning of great parenting and helpful gardening.

Gladys and Marigold got to help plant tomato plants. Marigold just helped herself to the plants without being asked. That's just the way she rolls.
Here is my own plot! Look! Its not dead! Amazing!
 These are alive carrot plants. Don't say what you're really thinking. Say something nice instead.
 A lettuce and a half.
 Someone planted lovely flowers to dress up the whole garden.
 More children working hard, or something.
 And when we were all through, Marigold put a tea cozy on her head.

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eulogos said...

Nice raised beds. But raised beds tend to be dry. Therefore, the soil in them should have a higher organic materials content to hold water. I suggest mulching around the plants with grass clippings. If there is a bag on your lawnmower, that makes it easy. Otherwise, make the kids rake and pick up the grass clippings. (You don't get so much out of a mowing that way, though). You would be amazed how much difference this makes.