Thursday, February 16, 2012

the only thing that would make this better

Me: K- will be here around 6:45 tomorrow.
Matt: What! Why!
Me, startled: To watch the children.
Matt: At 6:45?! Why?
Me: So we can go to IV, because I have to give the talk...
Matt, collapsing with relief: Oh. Oh. Oh that's good. I thought you meant 6:45 in the morning.
Me: She's going to bring some laundry, as payment.
Matt: What? I'm all done with the laundry! Why is she doing laundry?
Me, continuing startled: She needs to do some laundry. Its the least we can do.
Matt: Oh, Oh Oh, good. I thought you meant our laundry. She's going to watch our kids, and do our laundry.
Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out loud
Matt: That's the only thing that would make watching our kids better! Thanks so much for watching our kids, that'll be 20 bucks. What? We agreed 20 bucks.
He's still laughing. I'm going to bed.


Scoop said...

At least he remembered who was coming over to watch the kids....

Kat said...

A mythical creature like this does exist. My in-laws finally broke down and started paying their daily babysitter extra for doing housework because merely watching 3 children under the age of 4 all day and an 11 yr old before and after school wasn't enough work for her, and she was doing all the laundry and housework to keep herself busy. She's still doing childcare, but you'd have to move to Georgia to hire her. :D

R said...

With only two children under the age of 3 I find Kat's mythical creature absolutely terrifying. There are people with that much energy? I confess if I thought someone was coming over @ 6:45 AM I'd have to give them the key in advance so they could let themselves in.