Sunday, February 26, 2012


How wrong was I? Me 100% sure I had strep. I DON'T!
I have thrush. Isn't that lovely? lovely lovely lovely lovey...
So I'm taking some super horrible tasting pills and making plans to go back to the doctor in two days when its proved that they're not working.
And I'm embarrassingly watching the Oscars red carpet fluff. I haven't seen any movies in at least 7 years so I'll probably go to sleep as soon as the actual fluff starts. Just as soon as the children go to bed which I long for like the coming of our Lord Jesus on the Last Day.

But I take courage, because February is over this week. And I have only to do a lot of school and wash a small Himalayan foothill of clothes in the sink while Matt tinkers with the washing machine. A true case of life imitating art. (Adrian Plass--Washing Machine Section)

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Julie said...

Thrush? Oh no! I get that because I have Lupus and I'm on a ton of medication to keep my immune system from attacking everything in sight. Does your immune system need a boost?

Thrush is yucky but it clears up fairly quickly. They usually give me a horrible, nasty-tasting liquid medicine cuz it's easier on the painful throat. I think it works faster, too.

I hope you kick the thrush quickly! Take good care, get lots of rest, and drink plenty of liquids!