Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Resting Up

I was persuaded to stay home from school for another day, ostensibly to get some rest, but in reality so that I can seriously clean the boys room without interference from them. Alouicious and Elphine, both, are already developing into pack rats--sequestering little bits of cardboard out of the recycling into strange nooks, and gathering broken bits of whatever they can find to "save for later". I am deeply against this habit. The more stuff you save and hang onto, whether bits of cardboard or broken bits of china (my particular hoarding vice), the more you have to be prepared to walk away from should Jesus suddenly decide to come back. I have this fear of being caught in my kitchen with a basket of broken saucers trying to decide to put it down so I can be caught up in the air to meet my Lord.

Anyway, so I'm going to at least get started on their room, and also take a nap, and maybe bake a pie. I don't know.The little ones need to learn to read so maybe I'll just do that today too. Personally, I don't understand why Matt keeps calling me "irrational" just because I'm all weepy from being "too tired" by the evening to "do anything more at all".

You know what! I think I'll chuck it all and go straight for the pie. That baby is going to want to eat again in an hour and I don't think I'll be able to really provide for her unless I've eaten a whole pie myself.

Have a great day!


Teacher Mommy said...

Darling, I don't know whether to applaud you for your bravery or shake my head at your masochism.

At any rate, I heartily agree with your decision to go for the pie. You are eating for two, after all, right? Well, more like 1.25, but you are the PROVIDER OF FOOD for that itsy bitsy new life you have brought into this world, so you might as well stock up on the good stuff.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Wonderful family picture!

And REST while you have a newborn as an excuse!

Dr. Alice said...

I love that picture, it's great. Do get some rest, at least after you've baked the pie.

R said...

Love the header! Wow, your hair & E's is so long now!


lissla lissar said...

Early breastfeeding is the time to eat entire cakes yourself. In general, though, I suggest that you find someone else to provide the baked goods for you. Like a supermarket.

This is also the time to eat an entire Costco pack of chocolate bars.


Jim said...

Am I right to detect a nice smile on Anne, but a bit of a dazed look on Matt? Regardless, well done.


Daniel said...


SometimesWise said...

Unfortunately, no chocolate bars! I found with all of mine (5), that if I ate chocolate when nursing they would get what we called "boo-boo belly" - unpleasant for all. A nice cherry pie would go well though - with lots of ice cream on top.
Congrats to all on your full quiver, and you look marvelous for just having had a giant baby!

JaneC Duquette said...

I vote for the pie and a large glass of water to go with it. I was hard for me to have enough milk unless I drank more water than I thought that I needed. Fruit pie is good for the new baby and her mother too.

Jeanne said...

Anne -
I do hope you and family are ok. I have been delighted reading your blog going way back. You are truly a marvel: mommy of 6, teacher, priest, housekeeper, loving wife, etc. Wow!

Wendy Claire Barrie said...

Beautiful photo! Blessings to you all.