Friday, February 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes-- Long Over Due Pictures and other things

One--pictures from the hospital
This baby is so big that she fits the baby bunny already. It took several--many many many--weeks for Marigold to fit it. Here she is all ready to go home from the hospital. Amazing.
 Marigold was VERY SURPRISED by her visit to the hospital and not terribly delighted. She's been tantruming pretty regularly the last two weeks and by regularly, I mean several times a day. Never had a baby seriously fling herself down in anger and hysteria this young. I feel terrible because she was so Happy before (I know, I know, happiness is totally overrated) and sweet, at least as compared to Gladys who started her tough girl act so early in life.
I know we'll all recover and eventually she will enjoy Baby as much as the rest of us, but I reserve the right to cry about it as much as I want to until then.
Two--The night before going to the hospital
Look!!! The children are wearing their Christmas PJs. It might be Christmas!
Coming Soon--the children in their Christmas clothes. 
 Having had extra days waiting for Baby to turn, I baked three batches of cinnamon rolls, made a vat of oatmeal and turned half of it into breakfasty scones, and made two trays of rice krispyish treats (fancied up--peanut butter, raisins, peanuts, and whatever else I had in the cupboard).
 Three--A Snow Day
We've had many many chances to be in the snow. I need a good way to hang snow suits. Right now they get piled in a corner of the playroom in between snows. Here's Elphine and Alouicious.
Marigold trying to stand before going in the snow. She was very surprised by the whole activity--the clothes, the cold, everything.
Marigold in the snow really for the first time without screaming.
 Picture taken through the window.
 Cat from the inside.
Four--This last week
If you're on facebook you'll know that I got sick on Monday--well, I don't know if you can call it 'getting sick'. I wasn't paying careful attention to the fact that this huge baby doesn't really eat ever 2 hours like a newborn should. She really eats every 4 to 6 hours. I thought this was great until Monday night when I began to be in such massive pain that I figured I was going to die. So we went to the walk in Tuesday and I came home with a nice ten day antiobiotic, some more motrin and the dreaded and bovine breast pump which I still refuse to use when there's not an actual emergency. I actually spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in bed and then yesterday hobbling feebly around moaning and whining.
Five--A Sweeping Generalization
It is true that if men had to breast feed they just wouldn't do it. Matt looks wonderingly at me every time I grit my teeth and attach this massive mewling infant to the most sensitive part of my body. It is nuts. Men are just more rational than women, besides having a lower tolerance for pain. How is that for a couple of broad sweeping over generalizations?
Six--Another Snow Day
I'm sitting here in my warm office watching cars trying to pull into the church lot. Three have slipped and fallen back into the road with cars coming surprisingly fast behind them, but so far no accidents. The snow is plunging from the sky and yet everyone is driving along as if there is no weather. Crazy north-easterners.
Seven--I am reading books but I'm not having a good time
I HAVE to catch up on Treasure Island today. Managed never to read it as a child and am having to read it now with my class. Of course is a wonderfully written adventure story that every child should read. I just so dislike adventures--both in books, in movies and in real life. Having managed to get through the Hobbit this year my cup of adventure is virtually full and yet after this I still face Robin Hood, King Arthur, and The Shadow of the Bull (maybe, maybe I'll weasel out of that one). Jessica wrote an excellent post about what we're paying the writer of fiction for, what is it that we want? As I reach the midpoint of Treasure Island I've discovered that I'm willing to pay for brilliantly funny writing. That's why I'm always reading at least one Wodehouse book and sometimes nothing else at all. For me, Wodehouse is the Last Word in Funny.

Have a great weekend and go check out Jen!


lissla lissar said...

The first couple of weeks of breastfeeding are like torture. No, scratch that, they are torture. I think I was militantly pro-breastfeeding with the first, and gritted my teeth, and with the second I was trying not to scream every time the baby latched and chanting, "It will get better! It will become relaxing! It will not kill me!". I think it was partly laziness that kept me doing it- I could endure a couple of weeks of pain and be able to roll over and feed baby, or I could Get Out of Bed and Sterilize Equipment in the middle of the night.

No, thank you.

Your baby is adorable. I love the bunny ears.

JaneC Duquette said...

Check out Terry Pratchett. My husband read Wee Free Men to our kids and we are still all laughing about the characters. "Going Postal" is another good one but more for adults, I am not sure how interested little kids would be in trying to get a post office working. I will be praying for you and the baby and breastfeeding.

Anne Kennedy said...

Great fan of Terry Pratchett!! All the discworld books are so good. You're right, it is about time for a new one.

lissla lissar said...

I just re-read Men at Arms. It's still great. I love Sam Vimes.

Anonymous said...

I adore Pratchett's Discworld series as well.

As to hanging snow suits, I'd recommend a row of hooks, which is what I did when my daughter was young, and my husband, always out fishing or working, would come home with something damp or wet.. with muddy or wet boots. I'd bought two finished board type things complete with coat hooks, and a good sturdy vinyl type boot tray to place under it (which worked not only to place wet and/or muddly wellies, work boots and shoes, but to catch drips from slightly soggy coats and other such gear like umbrellas)Hung one of the coat hook boards at a level my daughter could reach, and the other slightly higher for adult use. It was right by the back door and made things much easier for me.

So, have you decided on which name you'll use online for the new baby?

Anonymous said...

I am sending you a small book called "Heaven Is For Real" I was astounded by this narration by a 3/4 year old child about his "visit" to heaven. Pure child view. Loved it. C.....

Jessica said...

Aw . . . your newest is the last word in cute. And thanks for answering my question!

If you feel like something new to make you laugh, the one book that consistently makes me laugh aloud is "A Civil Campaign" by Bujold. The dinner party. Oh! the dinner party!