Friday, December 17, 2010

Very Quick Takes

Just as I opened this up to start writing my three year old positioned herself next to me to tell me that the "throw up is all out of her mouth". She was up three times during the night. Why am I blogging?
Probably the same reason I, in the last three sick hazed days, was compelled by some insane force to make three batches of fudge, pizza dough, hedgehog buns, and deep clean the upstairs. 
All the while laughing at the idiocy of that electric car's slogan:
"More car than electric!"
Can't stop laughing.
When not laughing have been fretting and praying about RCI (Ivory Coast). Deeply grateful that my parents are out, but worried about people I know who are there, expat or not, and hoping that God will intervene before the whole country goes up like a firework.
Also discovered who "Snookie" is this week. Wow. Obviously just a matter of time before America goes up like a firework too. This would be a good time, as Elphine said just before we said goodbye to Maggie, for Jesus to come back.
In the meantime, am facing a pile of vomit soaked laundry and a bunch of little kids who are begging for "school". Stupid children! Don't they know that sick days are supposed to be spent lying around watching Snookie, Yo Gaba Gaba (seriously, have any of you seen this monstrosity?) and trying not to throw up? Yesterday after reading about the Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by Pharaoh Menes Romulus burst in to tears when I said we couldn't go see the pyramids today, it just isn't going to happen so stop whining and don't bring it up again.
Also made four batches of Rice Krispie Treats. Ate a whole batch by myself in the kitchen.

Have a great weekend! Go check out Jen.


Sarah Boyle Webber said...

I am so sorry about the vomit. I wish I could be there to help with the laundry (I consider laundry to be therapy; yes, I know, this is weird). I am also in the midst of fudge-making as it our seasonal gift to all and sundry. Get well soon! Blessings, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Oh, the memories.. stomach flu and all that goes along with it, and I only had one little one. One particular memory of those days was being as sick as a dog myself. Lying on the sofa, not being able to eat anything for days, then suddenly craving an apple so badly, slicing one and eating the slices, and feeling that no apple had ever tasted so good. Bravo to you for being able to do all that cooking.

At my house, I tried out a new recipe for a no knead bread, honey oatmeal.. I'll never try making any no knead bread again. It takes forever with the extended rise times, and it was a total bomb. I've now got two loaves that look and feal like large, oat flecked bricks.