Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas in my heart the whole year long

Still can't get over how weird The Christmas Carol is and the whole idea that we will all be saved from being ghosts if we just give to the poor.

Still, had a very nice day out yesterday buying five of a lot of things to fill out stockings and other matters. Look like a crazy woman, putting five of everything in my cart--five large oranges, five chocolate Santas, five enormous candy canes, five tiny flashlights, five little puzzles, five boxes of chocolate biscuits, four pens and note books and one tiny doll.

"I have a lot of kids" I said apologetically to the checkout lady as she tried to look uninterested (but I know she was interested).
"When are you due?" She asked in gentle horror.
"In about a month."
"Well, good luck" she admonished.

Luck is not what I need. But I said thank you "in the spirit of Christmas". Today, "in the spirit of Christmas" I'm going to make Persimmon pudding for Christmas dinner and help each child try to secretly make something for some other child. They drew names again this year and they're all obsessed with painting bird houses.


Teacher Mommy said...

Yesterday I helped my small boys paint bird houses for their father, for we have an agreement that we shall continue to do such things despite the divorce, "in the spirit of Christmas"--and also in the spirit of teaching our children that it is not just about receiving, but also about giving.

Considering that I nearly maimed myself trying to put away clean clothes in my walk-in closet because of the massive pile of festively wrapped gifts stashed in there, I think MTL and I may have learned that lesson a little too well. Much to the detriment of our bank account, alas.

Dr. Alice said...

Anne, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

Charlie Sutton said...

I read Dicken's "Life of Christ" a couple of years ago. It was pure "Jesus as example and teacher." He was not a theologian, to put it mildly, but he was an early example of 19th century liberal Christianity. I read (as opposed to watching one of the many movies of) "A Christmas Carol" just before his "Life of Christ," expecting to see a more biblical picture than one sees in most screenplays - but I was struck by the lack of spiritual depth.

I enjoy "A Christmas Carol" - but it is really just a sentimental, human-centered story.

eulogos said...

Your checkout lady sounds fairly nice. Good luck is about the most one feels one can say to people one does not know. Only older black ladies seem to dare to say "Have a blessed day."

I had a check out girl say to me "Why don't you get yourself fixed so this doesn't keep happening to you?" "But..but..but," I spluttered, "I WANT all my children!"

In the words of an old blessing "May God grant you an easy delivery and bounteous milk."
(and no sore nipples).

Susan Peterson