Saturday, November 06, 2010

Saturday Gray

Yesterday was Guy Fawkes Day, I think. It would have been great to light a big bonfire in the parking lot but it was rainy and windy. I think the last time I really celebrated Guy Fawkes Day I wasn't very old and I'm pretty sure I had a stiff neck and was whining about the cold.

Anyway, Elphine and I are having lunch out today. She kept her shoes on in school (basically) for a month and so earned this lunch and, I guess, a walk around the mall. That's what she says she wants to do. Maybe she will change her mind.
"How does she know about the mall?" Matt inquired of me this morning.
"Well, she's been before." I think I said.
"What does she want to do at the mall?"
"Just see what there is" I said.
I think the mall on a Saturday seems like a pretty bad idea.

So thats where I'll be. And then tomorrow I'll be sleeping an extra hour and trying to explain to my children how the government can just arbitrarily change the hour because it thinks we'll spend more money or something.

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