Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a note for my mother

Happy Birthday!
Many Happy Returns of the day. 
For your birthday, we'll be baking and eating a cake (with candles) as well as a variety of other delicious items. And we're going to watch Nigeria play South Korea and read some stories. And of course, we miss you very much and wish we could be there for a proper party.
Here is a flower from your very own garden as a present.


J said...

Thank you! I'm having a very happy birthday tho' it would be happier if you were here. Your dad brought me my tea this morning (6 a.m gasp) with a rose from the garden and a candle, which Cricket the Cat investigated thoroughly.
Then lunch with a lot of students and this evening Vivaldi's Gloria across town with at least two fabulous singers -- probably all fabulous but two I know about already. ME

Joe said...

This is SO sweet.

Anonymous said...

Now, Anne, let's be clear. We are not eating the candles, are we? :)