Friday, June 04, 2010

7 Fly By Quick Takes

The baby has two new teeth, blast it.
The baby is trying to crawl, blast it.
The zucchini, of course, radishes, of course, are coming up, but the foxglove seems to be dead or against me, or something.
Good Shepherd's Block Party Summer Ice Cream Health Fair Extravaganza is Saturday. Hope you'll all be there! We're going chiefly for the awesome pony.
Alouicious decided to read three books yesterday after whining about reading for almost a whole year. Strange child.
I just found David Mitchel's Rants done back in January. How did I miss these before?
Matt is preaching about the Holy Spirit this Sunday. In light of all the wretched heresy the Episcopal Church and other mainline denominations embrace concerning this member of the Godhead, it should be a good and enlightening day. You can always tell the Holy Spirit is at work on a given Sunday, at Good Shepherd, by the sheer insane energy that "permeates" (heh) the space and people.

Go check out Jen.

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R said...

We have foxglove for the first time ever, (apparently after years of trying on my mother's part). Must be they ONLY grow in the UK. Just acquired a courgette yesterday as a gift, hopefully I won't kill it....Ha! The baby here has no teeth, but is definitely attempting to crawl.

Lots of Love,