Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Morning Haze

In honor of the fact that I will now often be going to the dentist, I am treating you all to first in a series called Going to the Dentist. Essentially, I'll be giving you installments of Mrs. Miniver "At the Dentist's"
Here is the first bit and it really perfectly describes my experience this morning.
"For really it was the refinement of civilized cruelty, this spick, span, and ingenious affair of shining leather and gleaming steel, which hoisted you and tilted you and fitted reassuringly into the small of your back and cupped your head tenderly between padded cushions. It ensured for you a more complete muscular relaxation than any armchair that you could buy for your own home; but it left your tormented nerves without even the solace of a counter-irritant. In the old days the victim's attention had at least been distracted by an ache in the back, a crick in the neck, pins and needles in the legs, and the uneasy tickling of plush under the palm. But now, too efficiently suspended between heaven and earth, you were at liberty to concentrate on hell."

And now, having gotten that off my mind, I'm going to dress all five children and muscle them into the car so we can All go to Marigold's one month well baby and then to the store. Why, you may ask, are you taking five children? Because Matt has to be somewhere else at the same time, some nice place where no children are allowed.

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SometimesWise said...

Ah, those were the days - packing 5 kids into a car to go to the doctor, or the grocery store, or the Post Office - every outing was an adventure. Unfortunately, I had (notice the past-tense) a husband who considered staying home with the kids "babysitting". Thank God for your wonderful Mister - even if he occasionally gets to go to nice places where children aren't allowed!
I pray for you and your clan - and see many of the same experiences that I had in my adventures with mine. Oh, so rich and full is this life!
God bless you all.