Saturday, November 28, 2009

an Advent thought

Better Than at thy Beginnings
"The son said, Forgive me, my Father, but sometimes I wonder if even in the Other Life there will be that for which my heart longeth.
His Father said, In My Presence is fulleness of joy; can fullness be less than full? At My right hand there are pleasures for evermore; can pleasures be less than delight? Dear child of My love, trust My love, Would I leave one longing unsatisfied? Thou dost not know thy Father if though thinkest that I would. Thou shalt be satisfied with the plenteousness of My House; I will give thee to drink of My pleasures as out of a river. Dost thou think that nothing could ever be as beautiful as once it was? Turn thine eyes from thy beautiful beginnings--I will do better unto thee than at thy beginnings."

Amy Charmicheal
His Thoughts Said...His Father Said...

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