Friday, November 23, 2007

I just came across this gem on Drudge,
Most young girls dream of marriage and babies. But Sarah dreamed of helping the environment - and as she agonised over the perils of climate change, the loss of animal species and destruction of wilderness, she came to the extraordinary decision never to have a child. "I realised then that a baby would pollute the planet - and that never having a child was the most environmentally friendly thing I could do."
I would say, yes! absolutely! By all means Don't Have Children if you're going to have this kind of attitude about them. Of course, the attitude is completely false, and, I would say, arrogant.

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Alan said...

A truly banal heresy. Worshiping the Creator's creations, and not the Creator. Something I like to remind those addicted to Environmental Theology. Perhaps we should just take this as another case of evolution in action.