Thursday, November 15, 2007

Health and Happiness

E is definitely feeling better. I now have a dinning room table covered in paint, an elaborate train track taking up the whole hall way, a sea of crayons and paper in the living room, and a soaked bathroom from the bath currently going on. Its going to take me a whole day to recover and then she'll be home because its Saturday. And her cat, Francis, is staring at me fixedly in a murderous sort of way, like if she were a lot bigger, I'd be a snack.

And, just to rub it in, before throwing up on me this morning, the baby slept through the night AGAIN, that's right, again. Ha!

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Summersnow said...

Blessings on your getting healthy household. We have had the same "bug" here in IL. Unfortunately I and my older dd caught it which means that the house is currently in a drastic state of messiness.

Glad your dd is feeling better. Praying that you all remain in good health.