Tuesday, December 03, 2013

happy new year

I have a mountain of work to climb up over this week. 
Have to deal with the fact that the house is full of stuff brought up from the flooded basement and we can't walk without tripping and crying. That means filling bags and bags of stuff to give and throw away. 
Have to put the children in the way of cleaning their rooms lest they go in one night to sleep and are unable to escape in the morning from being covered in too much stuff.
Have to do a solid week of school because it's the end of my second quarter and the government will be expecting to hear from me by Friday about our progress and achievements. 
Have to cook for Shepherd's Bowl. 
Would like very much to do a number of other things too numerous even to remember.
So, it's possible that blogging will be extremely light this week. Who knows. Maybe I'll end up with more time than I imagine. 
In the meantime hope you all are celebrating a holy and joyful Advent. I guess this one is going to be about me becoming more holy. 
Ta Ta!

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