Wednesday, September 18, 2013

a little tasty morsel

We get all kinds of church supply catalogues in the mail nearly every day. Indeed, it's practically the only kind of mail we get aside from bills--just piles and piles of catalogues full of church stuff. I always page through them with the utmost attention and care and sometimes I am wonderfully rewarded.
Look at this clever and fabulous invention.
And look! It is available is three convenient pack sizes.
Just think, all the fun with none of the hassle! No refrigeration required. Disposable no-leak construction. Prepackaged wafer and juice in one single container. All we need is a little drive thru window in the parking lot.


Kat said...

You joke about the drive-thru window, but they did that this year for Ash Wednesday in some places. Lutheran and Episcopal Churches were setting up in their parking lots- no need to attend the boring service, just stop by and get ashes on your forehead on your way to work.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!