Friday, June 07, 2013

don't ask me for food

I have been in bed for two days. Well, not really in bed, more languishing on the couch trying to keep the children from razing the house to its foundations while I move as minimally as possible lest something terrible befall me. And also, all the time exerting prayers and supplications over the contents of my insides, I've gone ahead and started the next school year. It's raining and cold and everyone is fractious. We might as well get on with the books. In this way, I told Elphine, you can be done with college by the time other people are supposed to start (snort) thereby saving me a lot of money. Srsly, you want to sit around wasting your life? 
I didn't wait for her to consider that option but shoved some bright shiny new books into her grubby mitts and dismissed her with my pallid blessing. Because honestly, I really hate it when you stop for the summer and everyone forgets Everything they ever knew. 
So anyway, I did manage to stand up this morning and make enough food for the whole day (pictured above) and after this little moment of blogging, I will probably try to wander around picking up various gross objects from the floor and pretend that I have energy enough to be ready for the weekend. 
Because there's the COGS HEALTH FAIR!!, and the church PICNIC!!! and baseball PLAYOFFS!!! Unfortunately kind of all at the same time. So I'm not sure how it will all play (heh heh heh) out. If I was a better person I would mumble something about 'God's perfect time' and 'everything falling providentially into place' but who am I kidding? It's stressful to have everything coincide and know that God could have rearranged it if he wanted to, given that he's known all about this for months, but he decided not to. Probably because he wants me to be more holy or something ghastly like that. But I'm not taken in! I can worry and fret anywhere anytime! 
Sorry about all the caps. It's time to go for the daily removal of Fatty Lumpkin from the family sugar bowl. Have a great weekend!

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