Tuesday, May 14, 2013

i'm the mother

I'm still basking in the glow of Mother's Day. Matt bought me this gorgeous cup and also cleaned the kitchen very late on Sunday night after I decided I really didn't want to stand up any more. 
Elphine is addicted to drawing angular tulips. Every chance she gets she draws another tulip. She gave me several over the course of the weekend.
People always greet me on Mother's Day enthusiastically. There's no question about it. I am a mother, so many times over, so happy Mother's Day to me. And happy Mother's Day to my own mother.
Doesn't this just make you all weepy and nostalgic? Sitting on a mud floor watching peanut sauce come together under the brilliant hands of Jallaya...me, I'm feeling so nostalgic. 
Motherhood, having babies and then feeding them-- it almost always comes down to the kitchen. Not that you can't be a good mother if you don't love being in the kitchen (just like you can be a good mother even if you don't blog) but liking to be in the kitchen helps, I think. Being in the kitchen helps me to stop screaming. And the children stop screaming--here, stop crying and eat this. 
So thanks for all the breakfast helps. I'm pondering carefully the whole waffle soaked in egg extravaganza. In the meantime I've made two new kind of muffins and Just This Morning I dished up a most easy and delicious fruit thing, inspired by Nigella. Frozen blueberries and strawberries plus and mango mashed in a pan and coated with sugar and cornstarch and then covered with a layer of uncooked oatmeal mixed with brown sugar, cinnamon and melted butter. Baked at 350 or something for a while. So delicious I broke my diet, blast it all. 
Also, I amused myself all weekend by thinking of new categories for those churches that make their poor mothers stand up during the service on Mother's Day. So instead of oldest mother, youngest mother, mother with the most children, newest mother etc. I thought of things like
Mother Most Disappointed in her Children
Mother Whose Children Still Live in her Basement Even Though They're All Grown Up
Most Stressed Mother
Mother Who Thinks Everyone is Secretly Judging her for being A Bad Mother (then we could all stand)
Most Hypocritical Mother
Worst Mother
and then, as the crown jewel,
Best Mother (but only after a contentious and public vote).
And on that note, I'm going to prepare myself for another undesired visit to the dentist. Clearly, I have to go there so often because even though I am sometimes A Good Mother, today I must have at some point been A Bad Mother and God is judging me. (Just kidding, obviously I am going to the dentist because of my teeth and not because of my adequacy as a human person, srsly everyone, lighten up.) 


Dr. Alice said...

I LOVE your mother categories. That is hilarious.

I don't know if you ever saw the film "Mr. and Mrs. Bridge." Heartbreaking scene where, at some sort of school or Scout awards ceremony, the MC says "Stand up if you love your mother!" ...and her son doesn't stand up.

Joyce Carlson said...

Thank you. Peanut sauce? It's probably time I made some. Or I could ask my very dear Malian "daughter" Nana (who is here on campus) to make me some. She sent me a text message first thing Sunday morning to say thank you for being her mother here in Kenya--and so I am. But there's only one YOU and I send you much love. Missing you like crazy. ME