Wednesday, March 06, 2013

sometimes they sort of get it

Gladys wrote another poem this morning. She was irritating me a lot just at that moment, what with the complaining and whining and general sense of total dissatisfaction with reality. I thought maybe if I wrote it down for her she would stop with the whining, which turned out not to be the case. Basically the age of five I have never found to be awesome. Anyway, here is the text of the poem followed by the frame and picture she drew around the original copy. I'll write her commentary of the picture underneath it.
The Bible
By Gladys
An Angel appeared to Mary and said, "Mary, you are going to have a baby. 
You are going to call him Jesus."
And so Jesus grew up and his name was God.
And Satan disguised as a serpent came into Adam's hand and said some bad things about God.
And then he crawled out of Adam's hand so that Adam ate the fruit off the tree; and Eve did too.
You can see Mary with extremely long hair leaning over Jesus to pick him up out of the manger and take him out to show visitors. The other sort of large thing in the air next to her is a lamp. Cowering in the corner at the bottom are Adam and Eve and the serpent who, to me, looks remarkably like a platypus. The top is framed by a sun and two lamps that I thought looked like bees, but I was wrong.  I love how towering Mary and Jesus are.

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