Wednesday, July 11, 2012

hoof and mouth and stuff

 (Sorry about the horrible picture quality. Fingerprints all over my phone.)
A lot of us have Foot Mouth and Hand disease or whatever its called. Not me, I don't have it yet, but a bunch of kids have it or have had it and a couple of other ones have been throwing up and one has had some headaches and probably a few have bad attitudes and one certainly has some bad problem in his soul.
I don't know. I stopped keeping tally a few days ago. Basically, since Ma Jolie Petite Maman went on to her next lovely thing I've been wandering around sweeping, remaking beds and trying to get some kids to eat Something, Anything.
Fortunately, its summer! So the poor suckers aren't missing anything important, like school work.

Anyway, a few blog posts in the works are: 
The Gorgeous New Fence
Elphine Turns Ten
All the Shiny New School Books
How Do You Do It All?: A question from a friend who thinks I'm better than I am
Theology Matters: A reflection on how your bad view of God really will badly affect your life 
Blog Awards: Thanks Guys!
and finally
Stuff: You can run around simplifying your life or you can sit and surf the internet...I think we all know which is the better choice


Dr. Alice said...

I want to read all of these upcoming posts, they sound great. Sorry about the hand, foot and mouth disease breakout. I have seen 3 cases in adults so far this year and never have seen one before - it seems to be on the upswing. I recommend 7Up and Cream of Wheat. (however, I have no evidence to back this up.)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to all the posts except In Which My Hooves and Mouth are Infected. (PS, I'd take photos too.)