Saturday, March 26, 2011

Episcopal Oversight

We're halfway through our time with the bishop.
("Is the good bishop or that bad bishop coming to visit?" Alouicious asked on Thursday as we were cleaning.
"The good bishop," I said.
"Oh" he said disappointedly. Think he probably wanted to practice awesome "kung-fu" moves on a bad guy and so I pulled him back to remind him to pray for the bad bishop which disappointed him even more. Romulus then wandered in to inquire why we were cleaning.
"Because!" said Matt, "we enjoy a clean house, Cleaning is a regular integrated part of our lives." Nobody believed him.)
Today will be various workshops and training. Tomorrow will be baptism, confirmation, chrismation (I don't even know how to spell this or anything--someone, enlighten me, what will he be doing?), and, said the bishop, "raising of the dead". I look forward to it immensely.


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Anna said...

The cleaning conversation also happened at my house. I most emphatically stated that we are NOT cleaning for the bishop. We are cleaning because we care about taking care of the things God has given us, we want to take responsibility for them, and we do not want to live like animals. The children then quickly pointed out that it just so happened to coincide with "Mr. Bishop's" visit.

Annie Patterson Rothgeb said...

Chrismation (sp?) is the blessing of your church's anointing oil and baptism chrism. I don't know if Lent is a traditional time to do this, but we had a special noon service for all the Anglican clergy in the area one Maundy Thursday and +Bena blessed what seemed like gallons of oil.