Monday, September 20, 2010

Will Six Babies Be Any More, Really, Than Five?

It hasn't really sunk in that we're going to have a sixth baby in a bit. Besides initially forgetting to call the doctor and then almost forgetting to go, we've been flying along at such a chaotic pace that I haven't given it any real thought.
'So, you're half way there' said my doctor this last Tuesday.
'Really? Are you sure,' I said, 'it can't be as bad as that.' 
And also, I had my due date marked on my calendar, just circled actually, with no explanation or anything. 'Why is that circled?' I inquired of myself and other others. That's not a quarterly report date, nor Ash Wednesday, nor any grading period. What is it!? 

But yesterday, as I stood leading the Nicaean Creed, it did occur to me that I was, in fact, more pregnant even than last week. And last week, after the creed, I knelt for the Confession, along with everyone else, and felt myself turning vaguely green and very light headed. So yesterday I stood for the confession, which felt really prideful and wrong. Its like standing for the Prayer of Humble Access, which I also did (stand, I mean)--so impious. 


SometimesWise said...

I don't know that six is way more than five - any more than five was more than four. For me, four was the "oh well" point, and five was barely a bump in the road - in terms of daily life, loads of laundry, lack of sleep etc, didn't make much of a ripple.

Now that they're grown, the measure of richness and beauty in my life is ever so much more than three or four!
Enjoy, you are blessed!

r said...


Miss you all.


The Underground Pewster said...

At some point, with the Lord's help, the older children might start pitching in with some of the chores. Prayers uplifted for you and all of yours.

Anonymous said...

My Mom had 5. She said you didn't even notice the additions after number 3.

Prayers for all.

Anonymous said...

At one point, between our own children and those who were our foster care children, we had 11 kids - ages newborn to 12 - in an 11 room house.

Eleven is much easier than six.

You haven't posted in a while. Hope all is well.

Free Range Anglican said...

I don't know what six is like, I only have three. But I did want to say congratulations on your little blessing. :) Prayers for a safe and easy birth!