Friday, January 22, 2010

7 Really Quick Takes

I think what makes politics in America so exciting and interesting is the lack of imminent threat of death. On the way to school on Wednesday, as I was vaguely listening to the news and eating some very dark chocolate Alouicious piped up from the back and asked "why do they want to kill him?"
"Who?" I asked.
"Scott Brown. Why do they what to kill him?"
I shouted back (they're in the way back of the car and I'm in the way front), "what are talking about?"
I hadn't really been listening to the news but obviously he had, without understanding, and so the next few minutes were confused while I explained that the word "destroyed" had been applied by the newscaster to a policy not a person. BUT, I did come away with a renewed sense of thankfulness that we live in this age and in this country. When Mali had their coup d'etat so many years ago I remember hearing that the Minister of Education had been eaten in the streets of Bamako. What, I always wondered, had he done to make people So Angry with him? A mere few hundred years ago the loosing side of an argument stood to loose it all and this is still the case in other not so remote parts of the world.
On that note I am renewed in my efforts to pray for Haiti. I wish I could go help. Prayer seems so helpless but God is bigger than me and I hope he will use my small prayers to effect his glory and purpose. For you at Good Shepherd don't forget to bring extra money this Sunday.
Discipline has been slipping lately in our household. I keep getting drawn into arguments without realizing it until its too late. Someone recently asked about our policy on spanking. I'm not completely comfortable with posting about it here because of the two people who read me and have it in for me, and also, its the internet, so who knows who may be lurking. That said, we fairly closely follow Doug Wilson's Standing on the Promises which I encourage you all to go read if you have small children. It is absolutely essential, as I am discovering again this week, that children obey the first time you speak. Our motto (ala Wilson) is that 'delayed obedience is disobedience'. If I'm having to scream to get someone to do something than there is a serious problem. So we're ratcheting things up again and hopefully calm will be restored. Honestly, if you all are really curious, I'd be happy to email privately.
I was combing through old files and remembered that Ages ago I said I was going to write a short autobiographical thingumy about how I ended up as an ordained conservative Episcopal priest. Obviously, I sort of reached a dead end and forgot about it but I might dust it off and see if its worth pursuing. For those of you who are interested, I still have all your emails tucked away carefully, should I actually pull it together. Don't actually hold your breath, though, because you might die waiting.
Reading through the Bible is going swimmingly. I Love it. I particularly love that I can flip to the ESV site, punch in the chapters for the day, click 'listen' and then lie back and feed the baby. I've been going ahead farther and farther each day because its so easy. I do also like the guy's voice and how he kind of drawls when he reads whatever Jacob is saying.
I'm making up a longish study about the Ark of the Covenant (intended to lead us to the temple and finally to Jesus) for my Sunday School class. Aside from actually making a to scale ark (which we're seriously considering doing because it would be so cool) I'm also making them make books which means making one myself. Its such a pleasure having curious and interested children in Sunday School. PLUS!!!! we're going to have our Own Sunday School Room. Its actually a large cupboard but it still better than the choir loft.
That's right, the choir will be meeting in the choir loft with the new choir director. Its almost like we're a real church with real music and real Sunday School rooms and real everything.
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Jessica Snell said...

You're right about American politics. It'd be much harder to cheer for a good victory, or to handle a sad defeat if it meant death for the loser. I've never heard anyone else put it that way, but you're quite right.

Lauren said...

Re. delayed disobedience, our motto is "First time, right away".

Donna said...

I am so grateful that we as parents have choices on educating our children. There is no "one size fits all", even in one family. Thank you for showing us how to use ALL of the resources we have at our disposal.